Sunday, 9 November 2014


My middle son has been asking for new swimming trunks - and specified which pattern he wanted (the same as his older brother)... which was Jalie 2912.LOVE this pattern - sews up a dream. These are fully lined.

Then I decided it was time to stop being such a procrastinator and actually make a costume for myself - LOTS AND LOTS of room for improvement.. but I do have a wearable swimming costume. I shall find out this week if it stands up to some lengths in the pool. At least it is not a maternity swimming costume (last needed 5 years ago when I was actually pregnant!!)

Kwik Sew 2962 View B - I needed to blend from a small at the top to a medium at the bottom - the bottom is perfect (except I might use a line between highrise and low rise next time!).. but the top half could be tighter. So I shall swim in this before cutting out another suit.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Saga of the sports bra

First I tried using

Kwik Sew Master Pattern - Swimming and Activewear book:

Which does not have an obvious front or back. I used the scoop neck leotard pattern to make the crop top - but it is not suitable for running... not enough Compression......

Then I moved onto trying Kwik Sew 3660 which has darts in:

Also not enough compression despite using two layers of powernet

Next I tried the Jalie 2563.. hoping for success since the skort was so great! This is a racer back sports bra:

I tried using two layers of powernrt, stronger powernet and for the 2nd Jalie - sewing 1.5cm side seams not 6mm side seams... but still not enough compression. I have bought some running sports bras to wear in the mean time.. Maybe make several sizes smaller, strong powernet AND double layers????

On the back burner for now... the weather is getting cooler and sewing running capri / tights might be a better plan!!

Friday, 24 October 2014

 More Jalie running skorts - with extra reflective tape

Running skorts are FANTASTIC ... love the pattern really function well when out on a run...... the sports bras are considerably less successful!!

Ottobre Creative Workshop 301 T-shirt
 Simplicity 5512 fancy dress cape - being space. This was whipped up this morning in time to wear to school for the special celebration of the topic morning!!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Lingerie and running!

My second completed set of matching lingerie. Using Kwik Sew 3300 for the bra and Merckwaerdigh Mix 30 View C for the knickers. Also used a fabric pack from Merckwaerdigh. Did not use power net on the sides so the bra is a little tight.

I have started using the NHS Couch to 5K running app in a bid to get fit a shed some weight. Now that I am in week 6 of the plan I decided I really need some running kit. Jalie 2796 running skort.....

Love the pockets. Need to make the shorts tighter at the hem and the waistband tighter. Held up well on this mornings run so I am really happy!!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

More knicker testing and then the final results!

These dreadful looking knickers actually come from  Kwik Sew Swim & Action Wear Master Pattern book - they are the bikini bottoms - high leg version. I was just making a toile so used any jersey that came to hand. I think I would blend the pattern to between the high cut and low cut leg and reduce the height next time.....

Then I decided to get on with making a matching lingerie set. When it came to making Kwik Sew 3300 again, I thought I best remind myself what I was doing and make one first. I am SO glad I did since I last made a bra about 10 months ago.. and apparently I had forgotten how to do it. I made a complete mess of sewing it!

However the final version made from fabric from a kit from The Sewing Chest (bought in Feb!) worked really well! I even sewed on the lovely ribbon rose, so that the bra would match the knickers.

My first matching lingerie set that I am really happy with. The knickers were also made from the same kit and made using the Merckwaerdigh Mix 30 View C. I LOVE LOVE this pattern!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Knitting while on holiday

Finished my second Miette and cast on a Myrna

Still knitting my socks - (one the beach!).

Friday, 25 July 2014

Still testing out knicker patterns...Jalie 3242

Jalie 3242 View A - very low rise (unwearable infact)

View B - high rise - much better. I also made a size larger than suggested (the view A was a little tight) BUT my fabric was not as stretchy as that suggested by the pattern so I think the pattern sizing is true.

I like the waist treatment - sew elastic on in the round, then fold over and zig zag down - making the casing. 2cm elastic at the waist and 6mm at the legs. My elastic was not as stretchy so I had to use longer pieces than suggested (hence the strange wrinkled look to one leg). This is a good pattern - good coverage. A nice basic which I will make again. However I prefer the crotch to be a separate piece so that I can get a fully enclosed seam at both ends.

Pattern Stash - July

Bag - from book
Knickers - MIX 30 - 2 views
knickers - Kwik Sew Master Lingerie
Knickers - Make Bra
Knickers - Jalie 3242
Knickers - McCalls 2772
Total 6 patterns (but only 3 for contest)