Saturday, 30 April 2016

More superhero running...

Fehr Trade Surf to Summit Top and the Jalie 2796 skirt (just skirt not Skort) for my friend to run in the superhero race...outfit 3, outfit 2 and outfit 1 all for the race. I also made a skort for me, but no photo of that yet.

Simple Sew #015

 Cross Over top Toile - how many ways can a top look terrible??? So not right for me! Out stash and out of house!

Pattern was a bit odd too as it was for 2 different tops - one woven and one stretch and the pattern pieces had the same numbers rather than 1-10...

At least I made a toile first!

Yet more activewear

Ottobre Creative Workshop 301 for the top

good old Jalie 2796 for the skort.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Surf to Summit - crew / jewel / T-shirt neckline adaptation

I first made the Surf to Summit  top back in January. This is a pattern by Fehr Trade available here. I have used this top lots and decided that it would be the perfect base for a running top for the Superhero race in May. May in English might be super hot or super cold.... I decided to make a short sleeve version with a crew neckline.

First I made a toile and drew over it with a Sharpie to decide where I wanted the neckline. Then I trimmed it to check:

Then I adapted the traced off pattern pieces and made up my superhero top. It has reflective piping in the seams. Unfortunately the reflective piping has no stretch so distorts the lines on the back - but at least I can be seen. I can run in it (I tested it yesterday with a long sleeve Tshirt underneath)

I see lots more versions of this top in the future!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Running kit for boys

 L has his first running race in May- it is only 1.5miles and he is super excited about it. The race has a theme...Superheros. We ordered some fabric superhero fabric from Funkifabrics and I made this set for him. The shorts have the letters appliqued on.

The top is good old Ottobre Creative Workshop 301 (in size 128). I have used that pattern so much. I made the slightly fitted view A as this is for running in.

The shorts are the first time I have used the Jalie pattern - so glad to get that out of the "not yet used despite having owned it for several years" pattern stash pile!. I traced the pattern, made a toile and then ,made the shorts with applique in an afternoon (while also doing other things) so they really really are super quick to make. The sizing fits the measurements perfectly.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Me Made May 2016

 I, Catherine of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '16. I endeavour to wear only Me Made Clothes each day for the duration of May 2016, with the exception of some activewear tops.

As I know I can wear Me Made everyday my real challenge is to create a wear different outfit combinations, rather than "I wore the same as last Thursday" :)

To do lists...

I had a number of things I wanted to get down over my Easter break... and I have accomplished more that I thought I would :-)

Last week I made O some new bedding:

 I used a strip of poppa tape to close the duvet.

Last night I finished a cardigan which I cut out before Christmas (maybe .....I can't actually remember when I cut it out it was so long ago)...

This is McCalls 7026 which I made before here and I made the following notes:

1. lengthen by at least 1" possibly 2" (it covers the models behind but barely reaches mine!... but I do have a long back so adding length is a fairly standard adjustment).... however this means that I will need LONGER ZIPS...arghhhhhh!! Done and I got away with using the zips I had in stash

 2. This was pretty fitted on me  (but I was blending between sizes - I could do with reducing the seam allowance on the sleeves to make them slightly less fitted.
made the sleeves less tight at the wrist.

2. USE THE WALKING FOOT when working with fleece! Durr! I knew that I was just being lazy last time -worked a dream with the walking foot - also did not overlock the seams I ironed them open and top stitched them down as I think this looks nicer when the inside is seen for this top.

3. Change the pockets - they are too far back - uncomfortably so. Might put a pocket into the princess seam instead.
I did this but now they are microscopically small and need a zip to keep anything inside... that's for the next time I make this.

The pattern on the fabric is so busy that you can't actually see the fun style lines. My 3rd version is going to be plain black with possible reflective piping between all the seams......

This cardigan/jacket also ticked something off my SWAP list - horray!